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Painted House at Leo Ave. LOS ANGELES, CA 90040 by HOUSE PAINTING INC los angeles painting contractors

Saturday, January 4th, 2014

Leo Ave.

Painting – Exterior
Painting – Interior

Work Completed Date:  May 14, 2013

Approximate Cost: $600.00

Home Build Year: 1941

The crew came on two occasions.  First, the interior crew  performed minor patching and paint touch ups inside the house.  The following week a different (exterior) crew arrived to paint the trellis roof above our back deck.

House Painting did the entire interior of my son’s home last summer.  They did a great job, so when I needed some work done, I called them and Mr. Lee came out to give me an estimate.  The interior and exterior work was done on different days and by different crews.  On both occasions, they arrived on time and after the crew leader consulted with me, they got right to work.  They are quiet, no loud radio blaring.  It’s so weird that I say this because I love music, but when it is blaring, I find it really annoying.  The interior crew performed some minor patching that was caused by some previous electrical work, caulked some hairline cracks on the ceiling and a couple of walls and then painted.  They also sanded and painted most of our baseboards where my mother’s walker has banged up against them.  They did a really nice job and after they left, I noticed they had painted the window sills, too.  The sills look so clean and bright.  The next week the exterior crew arrived to sand and paint the trellis roof over the deck.  Great job!  Again, they went right to work and they worked in a quiet, industrious manner.  They arrive on time, do the work one pays for and more.  Their estimate for the time it will take, is right one.  I will definitely use them again.