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Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

06/02/2017 –   Rollins

James Lee came out promptly after I contacted him to give me a quote, He
showed me a big binder with photos of his past work and glowing letters of
recommendation. I got three quotes: his and other company’s were about the same and the other one was about 25% less. I chose James because of the large number of positive Angie’s list reviews and his convincing emphasis on the quality of his work and the importance of preparation. My house needed a lot of preparation! I am over-the-top pleased and thrilled with the quality of my 3 man crew’s (led by Andrew Chang) work. On the first day of work, Andrew appeared and I walked him around the house, pointing out potential issues and difficult areas, he kept saying “Don’t worry, I will make your house beautiful.” Having done a major remodel and had had many contractors over the years, I took a “I hope so, but we’ll see attitude”. Andrew completely delivered on that promise in every way – the quality of the work far exceeded my expectations. He treated my house as if it was his own house – he was not satisfied with anything less than the best possible product. His attitude was always “Or course I can do that”, or “Oh yes, that is what I was planning to do” never “That’s too hard” or “That’s not part of the quote”. His crew sanded every single cedar shingle – hundreds of them. He patched every imperfection with great care. Some of my older bay windows had trim with dry rot. He replaced the bad trim with new trim, and the angled corners were perfect! My garage had a bent up wire mesh halfway covering a vent. He found new mesh and replaced it. My house numbers had been painted over by my last painter – he took them down, painted them the right color and replaced them on his own initiative. He suggested that he paint the gutter downspouts the same color as the house – “It will be more beautiful!” and he was right, it was more beautiful. When they were done, they thoroughly brushed off and cleaned the glass on every window – and I have a lot of them. It looks like a brand new house now! If you would like an A++ quality paint job, especially if your house has issues and you want someone to do it right, go with James Lee House Painting. They are the best contractors of any type I have ever dealt with.

Painting – Exterior Cost: $1,3000.00