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Painting job at Pacific Coast Hwy Signal Hill, CA 90755 by house painting inc painting contractor signal hills 90755

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

Pacific Coast Hwy
Signal Hill, CA 90755

Painting – Exterior
Painting – Interior

Work Completed Date:  March 01, 2013

April 24, 2013

Approximate Cost:  $2,400.00

Home Build Year: 2011

Painting entire townhouse interior (approximately 1600 square feet) – all walls.  NO trim work & NO ceilings.  Approximately 8 different colors throughout the house.  Entry/Office Area; stairwell one; Open concept Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, 1/2 Bath, stairwell two; 1 large master bedroom + bathroom, Hall area, 1 small bedroom + small bathroom.  (No priming, just painting over the original white walls approximately 1 year old townhouse)
Price did NOT include cost of paint because we decided to buy our own paint due to an Interior Designer bringing us colors from a specific paint company.

If you are looking for contractor prices where they will prime every wall whether it’s needed or not and will have a crew of 3-5 workers + a project manager + a salesman to try to win you and they will do a good job but it’ll cost you 3 months salary then keep on looking.  But if you want a quality paint job done by a great company who will do exactly what needs to be done and charge a fair price, then this is your company!
Prior to our initial estimate/consultation with House Painting, Inc., we had met with two of those contractor type companies (we’re knew at this and didn’t know any better).  Both of them wasted several hours of our time before finally getting to the price which was outrageous ($8500-12000).  It felt very much like used car salesmen techniques.  We were getting really discouraged and didn’t think we’d be able to afford to have our house painted because they were so far outside our price range.
Then we found House Painting Inc on Angie’s List! (Thank God for AL by the way).  They were awesome!  The owner of the company (not a salesman) came out to do the estimate.  He looked the house over, showed us some of his reviews and credentials, then gave us our quote.  Instead of spending 2-3 hours schmoozing us before hitting us with outrageous prices like those other companies, he took about 30 minutes, then gave us a good fair price that he could do the work for.
Our paint crew was a crew of 2.  English was NOT their first language, and that might have required a little patience at times and a little extra work in communicating a few things, but it wasn’t that big of a deal and the way we had our house painted was way more complex than normal due to the very open concept layout, 3 stories, and multiple unique design aesthetics.  The 2 guys were very friendly and also really hard workers.  They did not waste time.  The only time I saw them take a break was for lunch every day for 40 minutes or so.  They did an EXCELLENT job of covering things, taping trimwork, etc.  Our floors and carpets were perfect and untouched by the painting.  When we decided to change a couple of things last minute, they didn’t freak out or anything – they just rolled with it.  They both had a great attitude and you could tell they really like their job and appreciate just having a job.
The price we paid was the price that was originally quoted to us (minus the cost of paint since we bought it ourselves).  I’ve heard horror stories about painters quoting a price, then doing half a job and saying they need more money to finish.  You shouldn’t have to worry about that with this company!  They stuck to their original quote even though it did take them a half day longer to finish the work.
I don’t know what else to say about this company except that we LOVE the end result.  Our house looks great.  The price we paid was a fair and reasonable price for the work that NEEDED to be done (not a lot of extra charges for things that could be done but aren’t necessary).  Everyone from House Painting was great from the owner who met us and gave us our initial quote to the two guys who spend a week of their life in our home making it look great.
I would most definitely recommend this company to anyone in need of painting and I will certainly use them again in the future when I buy a house!