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Friday, December 22nd, 2017
  • J B.
  • Los Angeles, CA


I know what you’re thinking. Hundreds of positive reviews. Five star rating. Must be too good to be true. But let me tell you my friends…believe me…to be honest…Scout’s honor. SERIOUSLY. These guys are the real deal.

So, we’re first time home-owners with it written all over our faces. I’ll spare you the tales of ruthless plumbers, incompetent fridge repairmen, flakey landscapers and drunken handymen. But suffice it to say, rarely do I ever feel compelled to write any Yelp reviews that are good, let alone laudatory to the point of lacking credibility. But here it is.

We have a 1930s Spanish home in Glendale that was painted some unfortunate shade of beige with the windows and trim painted the same color. We needed a painter. We looked on Yelp. We saw these guys. We were skeptical. We took bids. We met with Mr. Lee. He had a book of happy handwritten letters from customers he’s collected over the years. He smiled a lot. His bid came in toward the lower end. We were charmed and sold.

He sent a team of three painters whose names I sadly can’t remember: a Korean-American immigrant and his two adult sons. They were good. Better than good. They prepared all the surfaces and patched with care. They worked in the hot sun and were friendly and diligent. The indulged our request to try a dozen trim colors out before we settled on the right one. And then they painted. Now I don’t really know how to evaluate painting except for how well it looks at first and how well it holds up. On both counts, these guys did great. A neighbor even asked for their number right after they were done. I guess our house now had more curb appeal.

But wait, the story goes on. Cut to a year later. A few cracks had appeared in the old wood they had repaired. I called. Did they tell me that’s to be expected and too bad. Did they tell me that I’d have to pay if I wanted them to come back and fix it? Did they not return my calls. No, the did D., none of the above. What they did do was immediately come out and fix the minor problems and THEN not charge me for a totally separate job I had asked them to do (paint one side of my garage with weather resistant paint). That’s right, the did additional work not associated with the first job for FREE. Who even does that?

So, in a nutshell, you can believe the too good to be true reviews like this one. These guys are the genuine article. Honest, reasonable and willing to go above and beyond to keep their customers happy.

I cannot recommend them strongly enough.