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exterior painter Thousand Oaks by house Painting inc

Friday, December 22nd, 2017


Don’t even think about using anyone else!  I have used James Lee House Painting several times.  I was first impressed when he came out for the estimate, that he voluntarily shows his license, recommendations, and pictures of his work.  I can tell you that he does the best job possible.  Don’t let a cheaper quote from someone else fool you.  James and his crew does the best job possible and I will not consider using anyone else.  Another amazing thing, is that ALL of his crews, do the same high quality work that equal the high standard that James believes in.  I have had other work done by contractors where the contractor does good work and has high standards, but the workers don’t.  With James Lee painting, all the workers perform the same high quality job.  Amazing!  You get what you pay for, and with James Lee, you will get the best job possible that will last a very long time!