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Los Angeles, CA 90049 painting contractor Los Angeles, CA 90049 by house painting inc

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

11/02/2017 –   Miller

Just had them do our exterior in mid-October. James had come by to assess
and give an estimate. He was friendly and professional, and explained everything
fully. Johnny and Pak did the work – two guys over 5 days. They were EXCELLENT. Polite and professional. They worked very quietly, and kept the property clean even WHILE they were working, not just cleaning up at the end. We love the job they did. Great attention to detail – they covered and cleanly outlined all our non-painted decorative trim. They did the windowsills a separate color. The edges all look great, and clean and straight. I’m very happy I went with this company. It was painless, and the results are better than we wanted.

Painting – Exterior Cost: $4,200.00

Painting contractor Los angeles 90049 by house painting inc

Exterior House Painting Bonhill Rd LOS ANGELES, CA 90049

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016

Bonhill Rd

Painting – Exterior

February 21, 2015


Home Build Year:  1959

Mr. Lee and his crew came out and painted the entire exterior of the house.

Things went well from the beginning: Mr. Lee was there even before I got there and gave me a quick quote. He explained everything that needed to be done from the prep work to choosing the color of the paint. He was very professional and had lots of positive reviews. It took a while for me to determine a date to start but Mr. Lee was very patient; he never pressured me to act.

His crew, which included his sons, were very professional and arrived ready to go. Everything went smoothly, exactly as Mr. Lee said it would. They worked very hard as there was much work to be done.

Mr. Lee and his sons were out there all week, working hard, sanding and prepping the house and cleaning it with water before any paint was applied. They did an extremely thorough job, filling in cracks and sanding the rough wood surfaces. I’ve seen houses being painted here and there but I’ve never noticed anyone actually prepping a house to paint like Mr. Lee and his sons.

Before any paint was applied I got to choose from a range of colors and since Mr. Lee didn’t have those particular colors on hand he actually made a special (and rather quick) trip to purchase the ones I had selected and applied a sample of each to the wall so I could see which one worked best.

When the paint was finally applied to the house it looked dramatically different! It was quite nice! Even a neighbor strolling through took notice :) It was as if the house got the spa treatment: it was a brand new house (no exaggeration)!

I would highly recommend Mr. Lee and House Painting to anyone interested in having their house painted: he is professional, thorough, hard-working and has the credentials to back up his expertise. He was responsive to concerns I had and patiently answered my questions of which there were many. He didn’t just paint the house but really took care of the house and got it ready to be painted. I know that his work will last a long time. Should I have any painting needs in the future I will call him again.

Painted with Grey on stucco paint color and White on Trim for house in los Angeles

exterior painting los angeles Wellesley AVe LOS ANGELES, CA 90049

Friday, November 28th, 2014

Richard Levisfitzgerald
10??  Wellesley AVe

Deck Maintenance
Painting – Exterior
Pressure Washing

December 07, 2013


Paint all the white trim of our two story house and garage, paint long white fence in front and back, powerwash and seal wood deck.

We had many people recommend painters, but we wanted to go with Angie’s List #1 rated painting company and that was House Painting by James Lee. James came out and talked with us for over an hour and showed many examples of finished homes and current letters from countless clients about ranging from the average guy to VPs and foreign dignitaries. Our plan was simple to sand and repaint all the white trim which was badly needed and all the rafter tails on the 2nd story. Mold had started growing under the gutters and they power washed and removed all the mold. Benjamin and his partner were here for two weeks. Our yellow lab loved him and he was friendly to all our friends and neighbors and does excellent work! They prepared all the locations and cleaned up every day.  We LOVED his attention to detail! We’ll have them back in a few months to repaint a few rooms on the inside of our home.

Two thumbs up to James Lee and his company called House