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Home Exterior painter Long Beach by house painting inc

Friday, December 22nd, 2017


I can’t say enough nice things about the guy who comes to paint (Abraham) and his work quality. He  is so meticulous and careful. He moves everything away from the side of the house and covers it. At the end of each day, he sweeps and leaves things looking nicer than when he came. And at the end of the job he checks each and every window to see if it will stick or open.

Just as important as how high quality the work was, Abraham is a kind and respectful guy. He was sweet to my dog who witnesses most of his work and my kids. I felt safe leaving the house open when I had to run errands.

Also, Abraham communicates a lot throughout the job (although English is not his native language so at first I struggled to understand him). He’s been painting for over 20 years so he had some good advice (like painting my shutters black on my garage).

If I were you, I would check that it is indeed Abraham who comes (since James Lee appears to just be the salesman and only shows up the as the estimator and person you can call if you are confused talking with Abraham).