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Home Exterior painter Pasadena by house painting inc

Friday, December 22nd, 2017

5/23/2016 Updated review

We used James Lee’s company to paint the outside of our home last summer and felt they did a terrific job. We have learned over many years of bad experiences that it is hard to find a good painter. We knew we had found one, finally! It’s all in the prep work and Abraham did extraordinary prep on the exterior of our home. We were very pleased with all aspects of the work.

In October we embarked on a large remodel/redecorate of our home. We finally got to the point this month where it was time to have the entire interior repainted. Everything, ceilings, walls, doors, trim etc. We have been working with a high end decorator who had recently lost faith in her painter and had no one to recommend. We called James Lee and once again his crew did a fantastic job. They were very good sports about the fact that the decorator had a 3 page chart and 21 different paint colors. They made no mistakes in spite of this complicated color scheme and the workmanship was excellent. They are also very pleasant and polite when they are working with you. We highly recommend this company and will use them for all our future needs.

We have had several bad experiences with painters in the past so we are always looking for a good painter needed. I am happy to say we have finally found someone. The most important part of the job is the prep work and James Lee House Painting was fabulous on prep. Even my very critical husband was impressed. The job they did was perfect, couldn’t find a single thing to fault them on. They are on time, polite, great with prep work and with painting and always leave your home clean when they leave. Highly recommend them.