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Home interior painter Studio City by house painting inc

Friday, December 22nd, 2017


In the last month I’ve been using A LOT of services from Yelp to help prepare my new place so I can move in.

The place needed a paint job, grease on the kitchen walls, bad plastering work, lots of holes and studs in the walls throughout the condo. There was tacky black and white floral wall paper and the classic red wall which ran up every wall on every floor.

I had a painter who wasn’t licensed and didn’t return calls (A friend of a friend). Another guy, again not licensed in California but is in Ohio, at least according to him. He did come to look and give me a quote, which was reasonable, but my gut said keep looking  and I found a number of decent sounding people on Yelp, but something told me to call House Painting.

We made an appointment, James was on time, before I could even ask, he presented me with a THICK binder. First page, a copy of his license to paint, and it was current and in good order, he continued to show me additional information on himself and his business. The highlight was a page of close to 100 references with phone numbers I could call! (I did call randomly, 3. They couldn’t say enough good things about him).

At that point, the job was his to take (I didn’t tell him that though). We finally went inside and we talked about paints and what he saw needed to be done. He got a quote to me next day, it was double what the Ohio guy wanted but still reasonable and unlike the Ohio guy, I sensed James knew what he was going to do and it would be done right.

Once I agreed to have him do the job, he sent a guy named Jay and Jay had 2 workers. Jay took a copy of my keys and said not to worry, he will treat the place like it was his house and he did. Approximately 4 days later, all 4 floors were painted and it LOOKS FANTASTIC!

These guys are amazing!  A couple of doors needed the framing replace from being badly cut. James recommended Paul Comi of Spectacular Trim. This guy was equally as amazing! Quality people seem to know each other.

I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend House Painting!

Once you meet James and experience his presentation, even if you don’t use him, you’ll be spoiled. This level of professionalism is rare.

I only wish James could have given me the name of a great Laminate flooring guy!

Thank you James and Jay!