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Home interior painter Venice by house painting inc

Friday, December 22nd, 2017


James Lee House Painting is the BEST!! We got a quote on a Saturday and they started work on Monday morning. They are very efficient and the guys who did the work were so incredibly kind and clean. We missed them when they left! When I wasn’t 100% happy with the first paint sample they asked me to go on the paint website and send the colors that I liked. I sent over 7 different shades of white and the next day they had each paint color painted on a strip on the house labeled 1-7. I was so pleased with their attention to detail and their help in making sure we got the color right. Our new windows weren’t installed yet and they even came back a week later to do touch-ups once our new windows came in. I couldn’t recommend them more. They painted both the interior and exterior of our house and their price was one of the best I could find. Of all of the remodeling we did on the house, the paint job was definitely the most stress free and efficient.