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House Painting company Westlake Village by House Painting inc

Friday, December 22nd, 2017


A number of years ago, an experienced and highly recommended painter broke dozens of our light-weight clay roof tiles and said they were like walking on “potato chips”. So I put off painting again as long as I could to avoid the inevitable tile repairs (actually, I ended up paying the roofer more than what I paid that painter).  So it was with great apprehension when I recently began seeking estimates. When I told the various painting companies of my concern and past experience, most of them said they hoped I saved a lot of tiles for replacement this time around, because they would likely break a number of tiles.  HOUSE PAINTING INC. said they had a lot of experience with my type of roof tile and while they couldn’t guarantee that they wouldn’t break some…they would be extremely careful. End result…NOT ONE TILE WAS BROKEN and the paint work performed by Jeff, Chris and their father Oh was OUTSTANDING. I couldn’t be happier and highly recommend them. It was an added bonus to see father and sons working together as a Team.