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House Painting Monrovia by House Painting inc

Monday, May 21st, 2018

My house painting job was just completed, and I’m blown away with how amazing it looks. It’s like having a new house. Our house was a major fixer upper, and after completing the interior repairs and painting by myself I was hesitant to trust anyone to do the proper prep work needed on a 110 year old house that has been neglected for decades. The House Painting crew went above and beyond with the prep, showing me areas that they repaired that I hadn’t even noticed (and I notice everything). They definitely exceeded my expectations in every way. I would note that you should figure out your paint colors 100% ahead of time, especially if you’re picky. And test them on your house! The painters work so quickly that I was nervous about holding them up when the color I had originally decided on for the trim ended up not being quite right, and I had to try out about four or five additional samples to choose a new color. That was the most stressful part of the experience, everything else was so easy because they did it ALL and they did it well!