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Painting Job Done Los Angeles by House Painting Inc. 31?? Corinth Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90066

Saturday, November 8th, 2014

Painting – Exterior

Work Completed Date:  July 29, 2013

Approximate Cost:  $8,000.00

Paint exterior of my house. twice.

This is the best experience with painters we’ve ever had. We used to manage a 30 unit apartment building and hired painters almost monthly. We had several people come out to bid painting the exterior of our house; some were a tad bit less $, but the way James explained how he paints we knew this was the company for us. We needed someone to take pride in their work and do the job on our exterior so it would last. Shin was the leader of the crew, and he is an angel. After my trying to pick the right color to no avail, and bringing in my interior designer, the first color that ended up on my house was one that I hated. and they had finished painting the stucco! Well, when I broke the news to Shin that we had to re-paint, he was the consummate professional. In fact, he worked with me to create the “color that was in my head” after not finding it from any of the major paint suppliers. He ended up mixing some of the rejected colors, making a sample of it, and taking it to the store to have it matched. It is the perfect color. It has no name so we call it the “shin special.” The crew was so clean, very kind, professional, and went above and beyond in every sense. Not only were we happy with our experience but we will only be using this company in the future. And after having Shin at my house for so many days, I now miss him. Such a sweet man.
I love all the prep work these guys do–its all in the prep. I know this paint will last a long time. oh yeah, and they left my house cleaner than they found it.