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old house look like new for a very reasonable price …..ALHAMBRA CA 91802 / 91801, 91803

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011


Painting – Exterior

Work Completed Date: August 20, 2010

Approximate Cost: $4,500.00

Home Build Year: 1930

Description Of Work:

House, garage, and pool area dressing rooms pressure-washed, cracks filled, warped trim and loose plaster replaced, awnings sanded, old gutters removed and halled away, then house, garage, awnings,dressing rooms, as well as wrought iron porch railing primed and freshly painted with new trim.

Member Comments:

The work done was excellent! Everyone involved from the company owner, Mr. James Lee to his painters, Song were great to deal with and their suggestions and explanation of things were very helpful and thorough. This is the first home improvement company that I’ve ever dealt with that didn’t ask for at least some money down for supplies, etc. Mr. Lee said to just to pay in full when the work was completed (and because of the very weather-beaten condition of the stucco, woodwork, and metalwork that they had to deal with, as well as the size of the house and garage it was a 5-day job). They made a very worn-out looking old house look like new for a very reasonable price (of the 3 bids taken, theirs was in the middle – the low was $3,600 and the high was unbelievably $25,000 for the same job) and for that I extremely grateful.