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Overall it was an excellent product, the workers were professional and punctual and the price was affordable. painters burbank ca 91502

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Angeleno Ave.
Burbank, CA 91502

Painting – Interior

Work Completed Date: June 02, 2012

Approximate Cost: $2,100.00

Home Build Year: 1981

We needed a rental condo in North Hills painted – just the interior (no ceilings).  There was minor damage to the drywall and a couple large spots that needed to be patched and textured.  The last paint job was done 8 years ago by a handyman and was terrible.  It desperately needed a new paint job.

James was professional and courteous.  He took the time to look at everything and talk about what work should be done.  After our meeting the painters arrived the very next morning to start the work.  I wanted a color matching the original color, but we didn’t know what it was.  I picked out a color with the painter and he immediately showed me that it was the wrong color and insisted on a different choice.  Boy was he right!  The color he picked out was a much better match to the ceiling and existing colors used before.  The work was very professional – everything was taped and masked correctly.  The painters took 4 days to complete the job.  I had to meet them every morning because of the alarm system and they were punctual and showed up exactly on time every morning.  The paint job looks great.  All the texturing and patches look fantastic, much better than I expected.  We had damaged to 2 doors and I was convinced we would have to replace them, and damage to a kitchen drawer.  The painter was able to patch and texture the doors and repair the kitchen drawer thus saving us money.  My wife came through to see the completed product at the end and she is very happy (she’s the boss!).  I will definitely use them again in the future.  Overall it was an excellent product, the workers were professional and punctual and the price was affordable.

18?? N Niagra BURBANK CA 91505 exterior painting

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

18?? N Niagra

Painting – Exterior
Painting – Interior

Work Completed Date: August 01, 2011

Last Modified Date: August 18, 2011

Approximate Cost: $3,200.50

Home Build Year: 1939

They painting all of the wood and stucco.  They repaired all the stucco and replaced wood throuought the house.

They have been here on time and stay late most of the days. They finished the job. They did a wonderful job.

… Our house was very rundown and the prep work was extensive. …UCLAN DRIVE BURBANK CA 91504 House Painting Estimate Quotes Bid Burbank

Friday, January 28th, 2011


Painting – Exterior

Approximate Cost: $4,095.00

Description Of Work:

Sanding old chipping exterior paint, repairing holes in stucco, painting exterior house and trim, including doors and metal fence.

Wonderful. Could not recommend this company more highly. From the moment I called for a quote (Mr. Kim came out that same afternoon) to the end of the project, this company was a dream to work with. The painters arrived on time every morning and were so courteous and polite; they even worked around my 8 month old’s nap schedule in terms of doing noisy sanding or prepping or painting the windows of her room and the surrounding rooms. Our house was very rundown and the prep work was extensive. The painters were meticulous, finding every scrap of peeling paint or loose stucco and sanding or preparing. Shin, the head painter, worked carefully with me to find the exact colors I wanted used and went back to the store 2-3 times before the color was exactly what I wanted. The house looks brand new. We are thrilled.

……..They really were so professional and detailed every step of the way. ……. BEACHWOOD DR BURBANK CA 91506

Friday, January 28th, 2011


Painting – Exterior

Approximate Cost: $4,000.00

They painted the exterior of my 1,100 square foot home and garage with an exterior paint.

They did an absolutely fantastic job and were very clean. They came on time. I have an older home with red wood siding and they took special care of it. They really were so professional and detailed every step of the way.

Highly recommended.My house looks great and the job was done quickly and without hassle.Kenneth Rd BURBANK CA 91504 Kenneth Rd BURBANK CA 91504 House Painting Colors

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Kenneth Rd

Painting – Exterior

March 19, 2010

Approximate Cost: $4,500.00

Home Build Year: 1954

Description Of Work:

House Painting Inc. painted the complete exterior (siding, stucco, and trim) of my 2000 sqft house and detached garage. They removed existing gutters, repaired stucco, trimmed bushes as necessary, and did all the necessary prep working before painting.

Member Comments:

James Lee, owner, came to my home to provide an estimate an hour after my initial call. I was a bit skeptical at first because his price was toward the lower end of the estimates I received, but he presented himself in a very professional manner, came with numerous recommendations, and had an excellent Angie’s List profile. The crew started work the next day. They were professional and conscientious, and overall they performed an excellent job. When they left there was literally no trash, debris, overspray, or drips that I could find. My house looks great and the job was done quickly and without hassle. Highly recommended.

better experience having my house painted /Fairview Street BURBANK CA 91505 House Painting Ideas

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Fairview Street

Painting – Exterior

May 14, 2010

Approximate Cost:  $3,700.00

Description Of Work:

Painted the entire exterior of my house and garage including stucco and trim.

Member Comments:

I can’t imagine a better experience having my house painted. Mr. Lee came out the day after I called to give me a quote, the quote was extremely fair, they started work the following Tuesday and the house looks amazing. The stucco was in pretty bad shape at the water line and now you’d never know there was a problem. I never thought my little 1946 tract stucco house could look this good. His crew was prompt, courteous, friendly, clean and even did little touches that I didn’t ask for and didn’t expect, like painting the house numbers and mailbox. I’m having him back to paint the interior later this summer. If you need your house painted, please do yourself a favor and call Mr. Lee. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.