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Exterior Painting Job SAN VICENTE AVENUE LONG BEACH, CA 90815

Friday, November 28th, 2014

Brian Rhodes

Painting – Exterior

September 06, 2014


Painted the exterior of a 1850 sq ft residential home.

Mr. Lee and his associates were very prompt and professional in all aspects of the job. Our crew actually arrived early on most days, and were never late or no show. No hidden “Oh by the ways”. Every aspect of the job was handled exactly as was discussed during the estimate process. I provided the color choices we selected, and they advised on the use of finishes in different areas and why. Job was finished within the parameters that were discussed in advance (5 days total). All mess was cleaned up to satisfaction. All left over paint was left with clear labeling for any future touch-ups.
They were not the cheapest company of the 3 estimates I got, but based upon the prep time / paint time I felt that in the long run HP, Inc was the better value and would do a more thorough job. They did.
Very pleasant experience, would not hesitate to use again.

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