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…..I had two estimates from top rated painters. James’ estimate was half the other one… GLENROY AVE LOS ANGELES CA 90049,Westchester 90045 ,Winsor Hills90043,View Park 90043 ,Hancock Park 90004,90020,Arlington Heights, Exterior Painting Estimate Los Angeles

Friday, January 28th, 2011


Painting – Exterior

Approximate Cost: $6,500.00

Pressure wash exterior; minor patching of stucco and wood; acid wash and prime new steel rain gutters; paint entire house, trim, small wooden deck and garden wall

James Lee and his workers did an excellent job. They were courteous and neat. They were also patient with us as we had them paint small sections of the house, trim, garden wall and deck with several colors before making our final decision. I had two estimates from top rated painters. James’ estimate was half the other one.

There are painters and there are craftsmen who paint. James Lee and his crew are the craftsmen who paint. My husband and I are thrilled …LOS ANGELES CA 90049 Hiring Painting Contractors

Monday, January 24th, 2011


Plastering   Siding    Wallpaper Removal  Pressure Washing  Stucco

Painting – Exterior

Painting – Interior

May 28, 2010

Approximate Cost: $7,400.00

Home Build Year: 1951

Description Of Work:

Our ranch style house was built in the early ’50’s and is 3,000 square feet. It is stucco with wood siding and brick in the front. The house was patched where needed, pressure washed and the exterior was painted. We also had 3 sets of French doors painted on the exterior. In the interior…the entry, living room and one of the bathrooms was painted. We had 2 sets of French doors painted as well.

There are painters and there are craftsmen who paint. James Lee and his crew are the craftsmen who paint. My husband and I are thrilled with the results of our job. We have lived in our house for 24 years, had it painted several times since, and this is undoubtedly the best that it has ever looked. James told me that our house would be the best looking on the street and he was right. The care with which his painters treated our house, its surroundings and our belongings was exceptional. The exterior crew was very thorough…each plant surrounding the house was individually wrapped to for protection. The guys dug a small trench around the house to make sure that the paint went below the level of the dirt. They took the old cracked paint down to the bare wood and stucco in places. Their patching was meticulous and they didn’t miss a thing. Many years ago, we had updated the electrical box on the side of the house and the old electric meter had been removed from inside its metal frame. This left the large concave metal frame that was inset into the stucco wall, which was an eyesore. Previous painters had just painted around the problem, but not James’ crew. The old frame was removed from inside the wall, the large hole was patched and the stucco repaired so that now, you cannot tell that there was ever anything there. There were a couple of bricks near the driveway that had been knocked loose and when I came home one day they had been repaired. The attention to detail is very much appreciated…this company knows how to please their clients. When the exterior work was finished and it was time to switch to painting the interior, I was sorry to see the outside crew leave. The next workday, the interior crew arrived on time and immediately proceeded to take great care in moving our items, covering and masking everything. They were just as nice and professional as the exterior crew. Like the exterior crew, they took the time to unscrew and remove everything from the walls…(unlike most painters that we’ve experienced, who tend to paint around them). Late one afternoon after painting one wall in the living room, we realized that the color was wrong. The guys didn’t think a thing of it, stopped painting the walls, finished up with some other work and came back the next day with the new paint selection. Everything was done cheerfully and exactly as we wanted. Our house looks great…inside and out!! James is a real professional and his estimate was reasonable. His crews were professional, polite and cleaned up after each workday. My husband and I are so happy that we’ve finally found a really excellent painting contractor. James definitely has another customer for life and we have already begun recommending him to our friends. I only have good things to say about our experience with House Painting Inc.