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EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE!!! James Lee came out within a few days of making the call for an estimate. He was very friendly, detailed and described ….Gibson Place SAUGUS CA 91350 Need Painting Estimate Castaic,Stevenson Ranch,Aqu dulce,

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Gibson Place SAUGUS CA 91350

Painting – Exterior

Approximate Cost $3,850.00

Description Of Work:

Painting of exterior of 1600 sq ft one story house. Replaced damaged boards, scraped off old cracking and peeling paint, power washed exterior walls, primed needed areas, even painted our gate and basketball backboard.

Member Comments:

EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE!!! James Lee came out within a few days of making the call for an estimate. He was very friendly, detailed and described everything that would be done to repaint the house and ensure the work was done well. They began about a week after he came for the estimate. Immediately they were scraping the old cracked and peeled paint off. Every day we could see an incredible difference in the amount of work that was done on the house. The estimate was 7 days of work which they completed in 4 days and with careful detailed work (not sloppy) done. Meeting and talking with the crew that he sent, you can tell that they ALL take pride in the quality of work that they perform. They were not in a rush to get it done quickly, they would take all the necessary steps to carefully ensure the paint would stay on the house and not peel off. Whenever we would see them they would describe what they did for the day and ask how we liked it and what we thought. You could tell that they wanted to ensure that we were happy with the quality of the work that they were doing. They did an exceptional job of moving items, protecting plants and covering all the windows to ensure paint did not end up on areas that it did not belong. This is the very first contract company that I can say they actually did a better job than what we would have done ourselves. Many times people hire contractors because they don’t have the time and energy to do all the work, but they are not 100% satisfied with the work. For us, we were ecstatic with the work that they did and are absolutely 100% satisfied with the quality. Even today, weeks later, I still look at the paint job that they did with admiration and pride on how beautiful our house looks with the quality paint job that they performed. His crew was exceptionally considerate when it came to my young children. Whenever we would walk by areas that they would work, they would completely move items out of the way so that we would not trip over them. They even did nice touches, but asked first to see if we wanted items like the backboard of our basketball hoop repainted too. The day before trash day, I was so nicely surprised when I went out to move the trash cans that they had already put them on the curb for us. They have been the friendliest, most considerate, most detailed contract company I have ever worked with. I will absolutely use them again when I need them including for the interior of the house.