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143?? Runnymede Street VAN NUYS, CA 91405 interior exterior painting

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

143?? Runnymede Street
VAN NUYS, CA 91405

Painting – Exterior

Work Completed Date: June 03, 2011

Approximate Cost: $5,450.00

Home Build Year: 1950

House Painting Inc. painted the house – the exterior, the gate, and the garage.  Several painters sanded, primed and painted the stucco and wood parts of the house.  They also took care of the metal awnings by priming  and painting.  They repaired some parts of the older wooden window frames prior to painting so that a smooth painted surface would be achieved.  They put protective plastic coverings on the inside and outside of the windows as necessary to prevent debris from entering the house as they sanded and painted.  In the patio covering in the backyard, the painters repaired previous shoddy work done years before by another company, and sanded, primed and painted.  They placed yellow caution tape around the front yard to prevent accidents.

We had contacted several painting companies for quotes, and noticed that House Painting Inc.’s prices were competitive and their reputation impeccable.  We had a deadline to get the job started, and after finally deciding on House Painting Inc., the deadline was about two days away.  We called them, and pressured them to start the job almost immediately.  James Lee of House Painting Inc. was very accommodating, and juggled other painting projects and customers in order to start the job on the date we requested.  They started very early in the morning on that date, and were professional. They placed yellow caution tape around the front yard to prevent potential accidents, and were friendly and courteous the entire time.  We appreciated the trouble they went to to protect the house interior from sand and debris.  They placed plastic sheeting inside and out for that purpose.  They were focused and efficient, and worked long hours diligently.  We had minor concerns about a few spots on the wooden front door and window frames after painting, and James Lee addressed these issues immediately and thoroughly.  He even went beyond our expectations, and was proactive in finding and fixing any areas that might be an issue.  He even came over personally after working hours to address any concerns we had.  The painters were focused and sanded, primed and painted completely and effectively.  Some areas of the house required several extra coats of paint – the painters did whatever was necessary to achieve a professional appearance.  They primed and painted metal awnings as well as wooden patio covers.  They finished painting the garage in no time, and it is such an impressive paint job – I am convinced that House Painting Inc. fosters an attitude of perfectionism among its workers.  They completed all of the work quickly and efficiently, and checked in with us frequently to make sure we were happy with their progress.  After completion, James Lee bolstered our confidence in their work – he encouraged us to call him immediately if any of the paint started flaking. We asked them to give us an estimate for some interior painting, because of the great job they did with the exterior.  The house and garage look so amazing now, that when I pull up to the curb, it takes me a second to realize that this is the right house, this “House Beautiful” is really where I live!

… . He was very personable, professional, and gave me a reasonable price. ..LEMONA AVE VAN NUYS CA 91405,Sherman Oaks 91403,91423,Toluca Lake 91602

Friday, January 28th, 2011


Painting – Exterior

Approximate Cost: $3,950.00

They prepped and painted the exterior of my home.

Member Comments:

Mr. Lee was very prompt in responding to my phone call for a quote. He was very personable, professional, and gave me a reasonable price. The team who came out, lead by Andrew and were punctual each day, finishing the project in five days. They cleaned up each day, and the paint job was great! I feel like I have a brand new house!

…They even painted in areas that didn’t show.CHISHOLM AVE. VAN NUYS CA 91406 Home Painting company in Van Nuys

Friday, January 28th, 2011


Painting – Exterior

Approximate Cost: $4,600.00

Home Build Year: 1949

Description Of Work:

Sand old loose and flaking paint, prepare surfaces, prime and paint house and trim, clean up.

Very impressed with how hard these three painters, led by Sang (”Sahng”), worked and how diligent they were. They were meticulous in their preparation and finish, even in the clean-up. Not just painting,they caulked and replaced old window ledge trim. They blasted open cracks, filled them and put a stucco finish on before painting. They were always on time with no gaps in the work period, working 8:15am to 5:00pm. They even painted in areas that didn’t show. I thought the price was a little high, until I saw the work they did. Now I feel it was worth it, to get this kind of quality.

..Very good experience. ..DELANO STREET VALLEY GLEN CA 91401 Painting contractor Valley Glen CA ,Los Nietos 90606,Parnorama City 91402,Pacoima 91331,Encino 91316,

Friday, January 28th, 2011


Category: Painting – Exterior

Approximate Cost:  $4,200.00

Home Build Year:  1955

Description Of Work:

Two color exterior paint, including preparation of a rather rough exterior. 1,400 square foot, one-story house.

Very good experience. Conscientious & attentive crew. Direct attention by the owner. Work was done expeditiously. A home occupant had to be present through most of the time work was done since access to windows & doors was required. Small crew of 2 could have used at least one more member especially for the prep work. This caused them to run over schedule by a couple of days. However, this was done without complaint. Overall result was good.

The quality was outstanding. ….SHERMAN WAY VAN NUYS CA 91405 Painting inside of condominum units

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

150??  SHERMAN WAY, #178 VAN NUYS CA 91405

Painting – Interior

Approximate Cost: $3,300.00

Description Of Work:

Crew painted my entire two-story townhome, including closets. House is difficult to paint, since it has both cathedral ceilings and an awkwardly placed skylight on the stairwell.

Member Comments:

I was extremely impressed with the quality of the work. It took 5 days for them to finish, and they did it all on time. The quality was outstanding. I had a great deal of residual damage left from the 1994 earthquake, including cracks in the wall, and these painters did a superb job of repairing it all. My experience with House Painting Inc. is one of the few completely satisfactory ones I’ve had with service providers over the past few years. I highly recommend them.