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Exterior House Painting Main St VENICE, CA 90291

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016

Main St
VENICE, CA 90291

Painting – Exterior

March 17, 2015


Painted a three-story, Venice Beach home that is 1,251 sq. ft. In the process, helped and solved a major drainage leak that led to discovering major mold in our daughter’s bedroom. They even provided a Mold Man (Max Termite) that came over immediately to inspect.

At first I was apprehensive at using Angie’s List for hiring a painting crew, we all know that online services can promise everything and deliver nothing. With that said, I wholeheartedly endorse and will only use House Painting Inc. for any property in the future.
I called the listed number and instantly a real-live person picked up and said the owner, Mr. James Lee, could be at my house to give an estimate within the hour. He was very prompt and professional, and while he may not be the cheapest painter in town, it will come back to you in spades.
We worked with, Shin, and in the end we just want to take him and his crew all out to dinner and say thanks. In the past we have had very shady painting crews execute extremely poor results.
Mr. James Lee quoted us one flat rate (on the same day he visited our home). At first we thought it was a bit pricey, but we didn’t expect was that within this rate, no matter what calamities may occur, he will help.
These are the main reason why YOU should hire House Painting Inc:
1. TRUSTWORTHY- we have many valuable objects in our house and a dog. From day one, we felt extremely comfortable with the crew and even gave Shin a key to access our house when needed.
2. ATTENTION TO DETAIL: Their’s is something we have never seen after painting this house four times.
3. COMMUNICATION- The crew was always there when needed and always unobtrusive. They even took their own trash and threw it away somewhere else, they never used our bathroom and never complained about lack of parking. Every time they entered our house, they removed their shoes (even the owner) and placed surgical booties on to make sure they didn’t track any dirt in our home.
4. ABOVE AND BEYOND- We hired them to paint our house on the exterior. They took the ball and ran with it. They would go to Home Depot and get new paint samples if we requested, fixed our leaking faucets, were at our house to guide the plumbers, mold inspectors, and even AC repair men when we weren’t even there. Shin even entertained our dog while we were at work. Furthermore, Shin would come back, unpaid, to make sure the quality of the OTHER hired contractor’s work was up to snuff.
5. OVERALL- There is a reason why Angie’s List rates House Painting Inc. as NUMBER 1 in Los Angeles. You will feel confident that this is the best paint job you will ever witness .
DISCLAIMER- I never have reviewed anyone on Angie’s List on a contractor’s quality of service. I took the time to review not only on Angie’s but Yelp and wrote a personal thank you letter (Mr. James Lee will show you many laminated handwritten testimonials from the powerful and wealthy in Los Angeles).
If you need a reference, we were not hired to write this review, email us, and we can chat as we believe service of this caliber is rare.
Well done, Mr. James Lee, Shin and crew.