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exterior and interior painting covina N. Larkin Dr Covina, CA 91722

Friday, November 28th, 2014

Karen Files
46??  N. Larkin Dr
Covina, CA 91722

Painting – Exterior
Painting – Interior

July 01, 2014


Prepared exterior of house for painting including some wood repair.  Then painted outside of house in exact colors selected.
Prepared bathroom for extreme color change and applied two coats of selected color.

Member Comments:

House Painting’s crew arrived promptly on the set date and wasted no time getting to work.  The exterior needed a lot of sanding, sealing and wood replacement.  The crew took two full days working non stop for this step.  During that time they were responsive to my concerns and questions.  On day three the painting started with great attention to detail. The eaves of the house were well prepared and painted. During this time all bushes and plants were covered with canvas and windows were carefully covered with plastic to prevent overspray. Every day the crew was here they worked full speed and every man knew his job. The bathroom was painted and again cabinets etc. were well covered to avoid any possible drips. All in all the crew was polite and professional.  That was worth the extra dollars I may have paid for their services.  I would recommend them to anyone.

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