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House Painting Job Done 10?? Calle Carrillo SAN DIMAS, CA 91773

Saturday, November 8th, 2014

Painting – Exterior

Work Completed Date:  April 04, 2013

Approximate Cost:  $4,650.00

Home Build Year:  1974

Exterior prep and paint of stucco & wood 2 story 2900 sq ft 1974 house. All surfaces to be power washed. Loose paint removed by sanding, wire brushing, scraping. Holes, cracks & damaged areas to be patched or filled. All prepared areas primed (under coat) with sealer. Metal surfaces cleaned, sanded & primed with metal primer. Paint to be brushed, rolled or sprayed for uniform and even finish.  Drop cloths placed to protect from splatter and all windows and pool covered with plastic and taped.

Member Comments:

James Lee from House Painting Inc arrived on time for our estimate appointment for exterior painting of our 2 story 1974, 2900 sq ft house. He was professional, knowledgable and friendly; he had many excellent references and photos of home and buildings painted by his company. I was impressed by him, his references and detailed description regarding the prep work that would be done.  I accepted his estimate which was very reasonable on the spot.  A few days later two employees; Abraham and his co-worker arrived early for work, they spent the next 4 days cleaning and preparing the house to be painted.   All windows and 3 silding glass doors were covered with plastic and taped completely around. The built-in pool was also covered with plastic wrap that was taped down.  They were careful not to damage roof tiles, putting down boards to protect them, they also covered bushes and plants.
They worked non-stop (break for lunch they brought from home) sanding, scraping, patching, spot primer on prepped wood, followed by power wash.  It took 4 days because the house needed a lot of work. They covered every inch of the house including sanding, patching filling and repairing some metal trim along the roof.  Drop cloths were put down there was no mess, they cleaned up everything before they went home each day.
These guys are great; this house has never had such thorough prep and repair before being painted. The house has been painted 4 times over the 25 years we have lived here, none of the work came anywhere near the laborious and careful preparation work done by Abrahman and his co-worker.
Once the prep work was completed the house was painted in no time, the painting was also done with meticulous care. Early during the job I changed my mind about the color; Abraham once again brought chosen paint samples and applied them to all sides of the house on the stucco and wood so we could see the colors in different lighting and surfaces.  Years ago I painted the front doors a shade of dark red that was mixed and not a standard color. I wanted the doors painted the same color and had only the paint can with a bit of dried paint in it. Abraham took the can to the paint shop and brought home a perfect match,  other painters had not been able to match the color.
Our house looks beautiful. Neighbors stop to tell us what a great job the painters did and they love the color Abraham helped me pick out. The house has never looked better.
The prep and repair work done by Abraham and his co-worker are behind the transformation and of course their great paint job.  Their detailed preparation was excellent, everything was cleaned all materials hauled away, no splatters or mess.
This is a great company that works hard to do the job right. So skimping on the tough stuff, no trying to paint over bad spots, they fix the bad spots!
It has been 7 months since the house was painted and it’s still beautiful. No problems.

Painting Contractors San Dimas CA 91773 Home Painting Company

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

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